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CVE-2023-26818 Part1: MacOS TCC Bypass with telegram using DyLib Injection

In this analysis we discussing a vulnerability exist in telegram app on MacOS known as CVE-2023-26818.

20 minute read

CVE-2021-38294: Apache Storm Nimbus Command Injection

Command Injection vulnerability that affects Nimbus server in apache storm.

12 minute read

CVE-2021-44521: Apache Cassandra Remote Code Execution

Detailed analysis for Apache Cassandra CVE-2021-44521 Remote Code Execution & Sandbox/Security Bypass.

21 minute read

CVE-2021-45232: Apache APISIX Dashboard Unauthorized Access & Unauth-RCE

Detailed analysis for CVE-2021-45232, an Unauthorized Access vulnerability in apache apisix & how it can be used to a...

15 minute read

Exploit Writing: CVE-2022-22733 Privilege Escalation & RCE

Writing Exploit for CVE-2022-22733: Apache ShardingSphere ElasticJob-UI.

16 minute read

CVE-2022-22733: Apache ShardingSphere ElasticJob-UI privilege escalation

Detailed analysis for CVE-2022-22733 a privilege escalation vulnerability through exposure of sensitive data.

12 minute read

CVE-2023-24815: Vert.x-Web Path Traversal Escape

A detailed analysis for a vulnerability discovered in `Vert.x-Web` known as `CVE-2023-24815`.

6 minute read

CVE-2021-42885: deviceMac Remote Command Injection

A detailed analysis for CVE-2021-42885 a deviceMac Remote Command Injection vulnerability in TOTOLINK EX1200T model.

13 minute read